9 Months, Roseburg and a Boat Ride!!!

Wow time flies by!! Miss Molly is 9 months old! She has 4 teeth now (2 bottom, 2 top) and she likes to grind them together. It is the worst sound you have ever heard! She is babbling a lot more, as well as squealing & screaming!! She is so close to crawling. Instead of just sitting up, now she is climbing and reaching for everything in sight! She climbs up on her toys, my legs, the coffee table, Cassie, anything that is in reach!! She can only get to her knees, but she is determined!

We have been busy this month!
-We went to the tulip fields with our neighbors Lindsey & Courtney & their kids.
-We went to the zoo with our New Mom’s Group for a birthday party!
-We went to Roseburg for Cousin Sarah’s bridal shower and got a tour of the Pepsi Plant.
-We painted Grandma Jan’s guest room Beaver Orange for her birthday.
-We celebrated Mother’s Day for the first time (Molly gave me a locket with her picture in it, Matt made breakfast, We took a ride in Grandpa Wayne’s 48 Ford!)
-And just today, Molly went on her first boat ride! Uncle Jeff is in town from Denver so we went out in the boat through downtown Portland! Molly seemed to love it, then she fell sound asleep!

Here are some favorite pictures from the month. Click on them to see MANY more on Picasa web!! 😉 Enjoy!!

Molly Zoo

At the Zoo!


My Dew girl at the Pepsi Plant!


On the ’48 Ford on Mother’s Day


With Mama on our first Mother’s day!!


Molly’s first Boat Ride!!


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