Meet Brendan!!

Brendan James Hughart arrived today, on his Uncle Scott’s birthday, at 3:51pm! He is 8lbs 5oz and 20.75 inches!! We are all doing well! More pictures soon!



The Waiting Game!!

Here is a fun guessing game while we wait!! You can enter to place your guess as to when baby Hugo will be joining us!! Enter as many times as you would like. Just click on the link below. Good luck!!

Happy Birthday Bama!!

My Mom’s 60th Birthday was April 30th and we wanted to throw her a big party to celebrate!! To start off her birthday weekend, we all went to the beach!! We rented a house near Depot Bay and just enjoyed being together.

There was great food, lots of family fun, boat rides, beach time and even lots of SUN!! What a great way to spend Mom’s birthday!

Molly loved having all of her family around and she loved sleeping in a sleeping bag!! She was a happy camper all weekend.

There were so many fabulous pictures from the weekend, I thought I would put them in a slideshow. So enjoy!!

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When we got home from the beach on Sunday morning it was party time!! We rented out the church and invited many of mom’s family and friends to a dessert open house. So many amazing people stepped up to help us make the day special for mom. It was really a tribute to how great she is and how much she is appreciated by our community. Thanks to everyone who came and especially to those who helped out at the party.

Happy Birthday Bama!! We hope you had as much fun as we did!!

Baby “Hugo” Pictures!!

My cousin Amanda let us come down for an ultrasound today so my parents (and Molly too!) could get a chance to see our little guy before he gets too squished in there!! I’m at 24 weeks today, and we got some great photos of “Hugo”!

Profile Picture!

Sucking his thumb!

There is a little foot!!

We also were able to take some video, which is something we never got with Molly. I’m glad to have this! Ultrasounds are just so amazing. I’m so thankful my parents got to experience them with us during both pregnancies!! Thanks Amanda!!

Boy or Girl???

Well Friday was the big day!! We had our 20 week ultrasound! Everything looked great and the baby is healthy! Before my appointment, I asked my Kindergarten students to guess if I am having a boy or girl. They were pretty evenly split!!

I also asked my family & Facebook friends. Again, it was pretty even!! So we went into the appointment ready for anything! At the ultrasound it was VERY obvious that we are having a


Here ia an ultrasound picture of our little guy!!

Here is a little video clip too. We hoped to get one of him moving around, but of course when the camera is on, he is taking a nap!! But you can see his little mouth open & close and hear his heartbeat.

Then we had our family over for dinner and a very special cake!! They were impatient to find out!! Brian and Sabrina also came to share their big baby news with us too!!

Boy or Girl?? Pink or Blue??!

Brian & Sabrina's Cupcakes with the surprise filling!!


I forgot to get a photo of the inside of Baby Kittelson’s cupcakes!! They were …


We can’t wait to meet cousin Samantha Rose!!

Here is a clip of everyone finding out!!

Sabrina and I sporting our colors!!

Proud Big Sister!!

In the meantime, down in Texas, Janet & Jim were getting a surprise cake of their own!! One of Janet’s close friends, Cindy Meers, agreed to make a cake for Janet & Jim to give them the big news!! So here are some photos from their reveal!

Grammy cutting the cake!!

Proud Grammy & Grandpa!!

It was a very fun night!! We have been soaking in the news this weekend that our life will now include all things BOY!! We are very excited and look forward to July when our little guy arrives. Matt & I went out to a movie last night and as we walked by a store, I just couldn’t help but make our first purchase for Baby Boy (or Hugo, Matt has affectionately nicknamed him!) I thought it was appropriate!! Matt just smiled from ear to ear…… 😉

Giant Update & Big News!!

Oh My!! I’m sorry it has been so long since I have updated. A lot of fun things have been going on around here!! Lets start with Molly’s December Dance Recital.

Waiting for her turn

Toe Taps

Choo Choo Train

Molly had a great Christmas this year! She really got into the idea of Santa!! We had a fabulous week of Christmas fun with the Hugharts visiting from Texas and my whole family in town. Molly got a train set from Santa and it was a big hit. She still can spend an hour playing with it.

Making cookies with Jeannette

Grammy & Molly

Santa ate the cookies & ice water that Molly left for him!!

Stockings and Molly's train set!!

In January we took a trip to the Children’s Museum with our friends Kristy, Wesley & Audrey. Molly had a great time in all the exhibits.

At the end of January, Molly had some big news to share with the world!!!

That’s right!! In July, we are expecting Baby #2!! We are all so happy to be adding to our family. Here is a video we sent to our extended family at Thanksgiving telling them the big news:

Here are the first pictures of our little peanut!!

Just a little peanut in December at 7 weeks!!

Looking like a baby at 12 weeks!!

Tiny feet!!

Sticking out the tongue!!!

In preparation for our new addition in July, we have been moving Molly into her brand new BIG Girl Room and Big Girl Bed!! She has been sleeping in it for about a week and she is doing great. Nighttime is wonderful, but naps are still tricky. It is just so hard to fall asleep when you have a fun Big Girl room to play in!!

Reading with Daddy in her new bed

Here is one last video for you. It is one of the best we have of Molly!! She loves to “read” Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See? to anyone who will listen!! I think it is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! She is getting to be such a big girl these days.

Meet Molly!

Molly Charlotte Hughart arrived in rather quick time on Thursday, August 14th, 2008. She kept us up all night, arriving at 3:04 AM, 6 lbs, 14 oz and 19 inches! We are all tired, but doing great. We should go home sometime tonight to settle into our new routines! We have posted pictures on Our Picasa Web album (click on the link on the photo page) of Molly’s first moments and our many visitors since then!! Here is one:

Check the Baby Arrival Pool to see how you did!! Congrats Kate for being the closest!!