Molly’s Adventures with Tucker the Dog

Tucker is Molly’s preschool “Class Pet.” He goes home with one student every weekend and has many adventures. Here is the story of Tucker’s time with us this weekend:

My Adventures with Molly Hughart

Friday October 12th

On Friday I went home with Molly Hughart! Little did I know, but I was about to partake on a journey all the way to Bend, OR. That is where Molly’s aunt and uncle (Auntie Lo and Uncle Matt) live. Our adventure started with a long car ride with Molly and her family (that’s Molly and me riding in the car together). We passed the time watching the rain drops on the car window and the tall trees wiz by.


A couple of hours later, we arrived in Bend very hungry and tired. We met Auntie Lo and Uncle Matt at Flatbread pizza. Molly and I made our own pizza and it was very yummy. Following pizza, we went to Goody’s Ice Cream parlor in downtown Bend for a little desert.


When we finally arrived at Auntie Lo and Uncle Matt’s house later that night, I was in for a surprise. Turns out, I wasn’t the only Tucker in the house. That’s me and Tucker the cat. Tucker also has a brother cat named Trigger.


After a long day, it was time for bed. Molly and I read books with Auntie Lo and dozed off to stories of polar bears.

Saturday, October 13th


The next day, we went to the Central Oregon Pumpkin Company, a pumpkin patch near Smith Rock outside of Redmond, OR. What a fun time! We went on a pony ride, got lost in a corn maze, rode the animal train, and picked out the family pumpkins. Molly and her family (Daddy, Mama, and baby brother Brendan) capped off the day with a family picture.


Later that day, Molly and I made chocolate cupcakes. We then watched the Oregon State Beavers beat the BYU Cougars. What a season so far for the Beavs! 5-0!!! I love my Beavers!


Sunday, October 14th


On Sunday, we all went out to breakfast and then we went to visit Auntie Lo’s classroom at Bear Creek Elementary School. Molly’s Aunt teaches Kindergarten there. Boy did we have fun in her classroom and on the playground!


After eating lunch we said goodbye to Bend and started the long drive home to Tigard. Molly and I didn’t see much of it though. We both fell fast asleep before we had even left the city limits!


Back in Tigard at Molly’s house, I got to play with the Hughart’s beagle, Cassie. She loved having another dog in the house! Then Molly and I played with all her stuffed animals on her bed. I almost got lost in that big pile!


I enjoyed one more night snuggling with Molly (This time in her own bed!) Molly loves me so much! What a fun weekend with the Hugharts! I had a great time!


Molly’s first Nativity set

We’ve been playing with the Fisher Price Nativity Set that Bama gave Molly last year at our house. She has started talking about Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. But today, she came home from preschool with a set she had made! She was so proud!! It definitely means more when you make it yourself! She colored each person & animal purple (of course!) I think it is beautiful!!

Molly’s first School Field Trip

Yesterday we went to the Pumpkin Patch with Molly’s preschool. It was her very first school field trip!! We had a great time!

We were ready for rain, but it ended up being a great fall day.

Waiting for the hay ride with some friends!

Looking for pumpkins is hard work!!


Learning about potatoes!

The chickens were eating corn on the cob!!



Digging for potatoes

Got one!

Fun in the hay!



Finding Mrs. Kurtz in the hay maze!!

On the hay ride with Norah! Molly's favorite part!





Molly’s first day of Preschool!

Today was Molly’s very first day of preschool! She was so excited (well, I was so excited!! I’m not sure she knew that it was a momentous occasion!) She loves her teacher, Mrs. Kurtz, and she loves playing with “friends” so she had no problem with me leaving. A big smile and wave and she was back to her activity. I can’t believe how big my baby girl has gotten. Little Miss Independant!

The preschooler all ready for her first day!!


Proud Mama & Daddy!

With a cookie for her teacher!

Checking her cubby

Straight to the typewriter!

Bye Mama!!!

Master’s Degree and the end of school

June has arrived, and with it, the craziness that is the end of school. Field Trips, Field, Day, Report Cards, Kindergarten Celebration, End of the Year Parties and cleaning out my classroom all await me next week! I survived OMSI today with 109 Kindergartners! We all had a great time, but it wore me out. I’m glad it is the weekend so I have time to regroup before the craziness of next week! Tomorrow my mom and I are hosting a bridal shower for Rachael which will be fun. Other than that, I am hunkered down doing report cards!!

This past weekend was my own graduation ceremony from Lewis & Clark College. It was fairly anticlimactic because I was done with my coursework last summer, but it was still a good feeling of completion. Here are a couple pictures from Sunday:

In other news, my leave from teaching was approved by the district this past week. I am taking Maternity leave through December and then Personal leave through the end of the year. It will be great to stay home with the baby for her whole first year. And with my acquired sick days and disability leave, I will get pay and benefits through about December, which will be great! I’m glad it worked out, however I find myself wondering what I will do with all that time!! I’m sure, come August I will find SOMETHING to keep me busy! I will miss teaching though, and I plan on finding lots of time to volunteer and stay involved at Metzger and in the district.

My doctors appointment this past week went well. Baby’s heartbeat sounded great. She is about 3 pounds and 16 or so inches long. She is measuring right at 30 weeks. It is hard to believe in 10 short weeks (or less!) she will be here with us! We have lots to do to get ready, so I guess it is a good thing it is almost summer vacation!

Well, think good thoughts for me surviving next week! It will be lots of work, but lots of fun as well. And it will be my last week of teaching for over a year! That is a crazy thought! 😉