The Enchanted Forest

What better way to spend Molly’s Princess birthday then at the Enchanted Forest! We met Matt down in Salem after a meeting he had in the morning, and spent the day celebrating Molly’s birthday by riding rides and exploring the Enchanted Forest. The Whaples family joined us as well! Molly and Andy are birthday buddies, so they had a fun day celebrating  together.

Molly slept in on her big day!!

Birthday Hot Chocolate!

So excited to be at the Enchanted Forest!

Wesley & Audrey were ready too!

Alice & Wonderland’s Key Hole

Checking out the 3 Bears

Not to sure about the Witch!!

Sliding down the Witch’s slide

The Crooked House

Andy, Wesley & Audrey Race down the Shoe slide!

Molly & Daddy had a fun slide too!

Molly with her birthday buddy Andy!

Brendan mostly enjoyed his stroller ride! Next year it will be more fun, little buddy!

Lunch time!

Roping a steer

Sliding in the Wild West! See that birthday button on her shirt? From the moment Molly put it on, everyone started wishing her a happy birthday. All the staff stopped her to say something. It was really neat!

Peeking out from the Indian Caves!

Resting while everyone else went on the roller coaster

Audrey rested too!

The bobsled roller coaster

Bumper boats

Kiddie ferris wheel

Frog Hopper! I know its blurry, but you can see how much she loved it!


The Log Ride! Molly has no fear!


Panning for gold!

Water show

What a fun day!! Both kids slept all the way home.

Than it was off to more birthday fun! Molly had a big pile of presents waiting for her at home!

And then we headed to Red Robin, so that Molly could be sung to on her actual birthday (a requirement she was quite serious about)!

She enjoyed her birthday sundae!

A fun day for a lucky Birthday Princess!


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