Master’s Degree and the end of school

June has arrived, and with it, the craziness that is the end of school. Field Trips, Field, Day, Report Cards, Kindergarten Celebration, End of the Year Parties and cleaning out my classroom all await me next week! I survived OMSI today with 109 Kindergartners! We all had a great time, but it wore me out. I’m glad it is the weekend so I have time to regroup before the craziness of next week! Tomorrow my mom and I are hosting a bridal shower for Rachael which will be fun. Other than that, I am hunkered down doing report cards!!

This past weekend was my own graduation ceremony from Lewis & Clark College. It was fairly anticlimactic because I was done with my coursework last summer, but it was still a good feeling of completion. Here are a couple pictures from Sunday:

In other news, my leave from teaching was approved by the district this past week. I am taking Maternity leave through December and then Personal leave through the end of the year. It will be great to stay home with the baby for her whole first year. And with my acquired sick days and disability leave, I will get pay and benefits through about December, which will be great! I’m glad it worked out, however I find myself wondering what I will do with all that time!! I’m sure, come August I will find SOMETHING to keep me busy! I will miss teaching though, and I plan on finding lots of time to volunteer and stay involved at Metzger and in the district.

My doctors appointment this past week went well. Baby’s heartbeat sounded great. She is about 3 pounds and 16 or so inches long. She is measuring right at 30 weeks. It is hard to believe in 10 short weeks (or less!) she will be here with us! We have lots to do to get ready, so I guess it is a good thing it is almost summer vacation!

Well, think good thoughts for me surviving next week! It will be lots of work, but lots of fun as well. And it will be my last week of teaching for over a year! That is a crazy thought! 😉