The Enchanted Forest

What better way to spend Molly’s Princess birthday then at the Enchanted Forest! We met Matt down in Salem after a meeting he had in the morning, and spent the day celebrating Molly’s birthday by riding rides and exploring the Enchanted Forest. The Whaples family joined us as well! Molly and Andy are birthday buddies, so they had a fun day celebrating  together.

Molly slept in on her big day!!

Birthday Hot Chocolate!

So excited to be at the Enchanted Forest!

Wesley & Audrey were ready too!

Alice & Wonderland’s Key Hole

Checking out the 3 Bears

Not to sure about the Witch!!

Sliding down the Witch’s slide

The Crooked House

Andy, Wesley & Audrey Race down the Shoe slide!

Molly & Daddy had a fun slide too!

Molly with her birthday buddy Andy!

Brendan mostly enjoyed his stroller ride! Next year it will be more fun, little buddy!

Lunch time!

Roping a steer

Sliding in the Wild West! See that birthday button on her shirt? From the moment Molly put it on, everyone started wishing her a happy birthday. All the staff stopped her to say something. It was really neat!

Peeking out from the Indian Caves!

Resting while everyone else went on the roller coaster

Audrey rested too!

The bobsled roller coaster

Bumper boats

Kiddie ferris wheel

Frog Hopper! I know its blurry, but you can see how much she loved it!


The Log Ride! Molly has no fear!


Panning for gold!

Water show

What a fun day!! Both kids slept all the way home.

Than it was off to more birthday fun! Molly had a big pile of presents waiting for her at home!

And then we headed to Red Robin, so that Molly could be sung to on her actual birthday (a requirement she was quite serious about)!

She enjoyed her birthday sundae!

A fun day for a lucky Birthday Princess!


Molly’s Princess Party

We had Molly’s 4th birthday party on Saturday. She is into anything princess right now, so we had a princess party! We rented a Disney Princess bounce house and held the party in Bama and Papa’s backyard. All the little princesses (and princes!) had a blast!

Fairy houses to paint!


Crowns to make!

Princess Merida


…. and her pesky brother bear!


Audrey painting a fairy house


Ruby as Snow White!

Tiffany & Gracie making crowns

Bouncing princesses!


Wesley wanted to dress up too!


Silly Auntie!






Brendan’s 1st Birthday Party!

We had a fabulous time at Brendan’s first birthday party yesterday! Many family and friends came out to help us celebrate Brendan. Aunt Sally came from Colorado, Grammy and Grandpa came from Houston, and even Rod and Di Troutbeck were visiting from Australia! Here are some pictures from our fun party.


Here is a video of the cake smash!! Brendan really loved his cake!!

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at our house this year. Bama, Papa, Matt & Lauren, Brian & Sabrina, Auntie, Ivan, and Matt’s friend Jason all joined us.

My little Turkeys


I was busy cooking most of the day so these are the only pictures I got with my camera. I will update this post with my dad’s pictures when h e gives them to me!! We had a busy day, with lots of good food & football…….UNTIL the Aggies lost to tu on a last second field goal. Ugh!

The only year that our Turkey will weigh more than Brendan!! Turkey: 24lbs, Brendan: 14 1/2 lbs!


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Blackberry Picking

This morning we decided to take advantage of the BEAUTIFUL weather and go blackberry picking with some friends! We met Kristy, Wesley & Audrey in Sherwood at a farm that has thornless blackberries. Thornless blackberries were obviously invented by the parents of 3 year olds!! The kids were falling into the bushes all the time and we were so glad to escape with no injuries! The kids wanted to eat most of the berries, but were very good about filling their bucket before eating a few!

REady to pick

Audrey was a great picker too!

There were a few blueberries left too!

In front of the corn

Molly with her blackberries

Wesley with his bucket!

Messy hands

Getting to eat a few!

That one was sour!

As you can see, Audrey ate a few too!

Lunch at the farm after picking

Brendan enjoyed the day too!