This is what happens when you have a sister…


A Birthday Zoo Trip

We went to the zoo yesterday with the Birthday Boy!! He enjoyed all the animals, but he especially loved the train. Just like his sister I guess!!



Which infared baby is which?? Sammie or Brendan!!

The Birthday Buddies! Happy 33rd Uncle Scott!

Happy Birthday Brendan!!



Brendan’s 1st Birthday Party!

We had a fabulous time at Brendan’s first birthday party yesterday! Many family and friends came out to help us celebrate Brendan. Aunt Sally came from Colorado, Grammy and Grandpa came from Houston, and even Rod and Di Troutbeck were visiting from Australia! Here are some pictures from our fun party.


Here is a video of the cake smash!! Brendan really loved his cake!!

Brendan’s first boat ride

On Sunday we went out on the Willamette River on Papa’s boat. Brendan enjoyed his first boat ride….. but he was not a fan of the life jacket! It was a special trip because the boat, which now belongs to my dad, originally was my Papa’s. It is a 46 year old boat, and my Papa, Ken Kittelson, would love that his great grandkids are enjoying it too. I love that my kids get to share the same memories of that boat as both my dad and I had as kids.

4th of July 2012

We had a great 4th of July! Molly and Brendan both loved being in our neighborhood kids parade in the morning. Molly’s bike and our wagon were decorated to the hilt. I think Molly made 20 or more laps around the pond!! Brendan loved dancing and waving to the music. In the evening, we BBQ’d with Bama and Papa and then did some fireworks in the street with the neighbors. Molly and her friends had a great time, although Molly wasn’t very fond of the sparklers. Then we headed to Tigard High with the Whaples to watch the big fireworks. Both kids did great and stayed up wayyyyy past their bedtime!!