KAI Kids Christmas Party & a visit with Santa

This week was the annual KAI Kids Christmas party downtown at the office. Molly was so excited to go to Daddy’s office. I think she thinks that there is a party there everyday!!

Molly & Daddy frosted cookies

Bama Jan held lots of babies! (This is Sydney Mills)

Brendan made new friends!!

Molly ate her cookie!

Wendy loved on a sleepy Brendan

Then, SANTA came in!! Molly was so excited to see him! She just giggled and hid behind my legs! But, she really wanted to go tell him what she wants for Christmas, so eventually she went to sit on his lap. Also, she knew he was going to give her a candy cane, and she wasn’t going to miss that!1 Ha ha!!

Brendan slept through his first visit with Santa!

Molly told Santa what she wanted: a purple bike with pedals!

Brendan woke up and got a picture too! He didn't mind Santa at all!

After the party, Molly wanted to go see the Portland Christmas tree at Pioneer Square (She sees it on TV all the time). So we walked a block up the street to see it! It is HUGE!!

A very fun night!! Thanks KAI for another great party!



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