Are you ready for some football??!

It’s that time of year again!! College football kicked off this weekend, which means our Saturdays are booked! Yesterday was Brendan’s first Beaver game! The game itself was pretty terrible, but my little Beavers sure are cute! It was very HOT (92 in Corvallis) but we luckily were able to stay in the shade for most of them game. Brendan and Molly did great and it was a fun day!

All ready to go!

A family of Beavers!

How Brendan spent most of his first game!!

Big Sis!

Fun with Bama's Binoculars!

Sabrina left Sammie at home, but she needed a Brendan fix at the game!

A little love for Baby Brother after the game

Today we switched gears and watched the Aggies beat SMU on TV. (Although Molly did ask to get on a plane and fly to Texas to the game!)  Here are our little Aggies!


Father & Son

Touchdown Aggies!


A family of Aggies!!

Learning to Gig Em!







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