Molly’s 3rd Birthday

A Birthday Interview with Molly at 3 years old!!

Molly had an amazing birthday! We spent the day before her birthday at Pump it Up. We had a joint party for Molly and her friend Harris (whose birthday is the 13th). Many of their friends came to help them celebrate and JUMP!

The Birthday Kids!!

It was such a fun day!! The next day, on Molly’s actual birthday, she opened all her presents and spent the day playing with them!! She really got the hang of opening presents this year.

Look at that pile of presents!!

Mowing the lawn with her new bubble mower!

Then we asked Molly where she wanted to go to dinner. She said “Pizza Caboose, so I can see the train!” Of course!! So off we went.

The it was time for more cake!! Strawberry ice cream cake to be exact!!

Facetime with Aunt Sally during cake!!

Facetime with Grammy & Grandpa before bed!

What a fun day!! Here is a video of the weekend. It is hard to believe our baby girl is 3!!

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