A birthday sandwich!!

My birthday is now sandwiched in between two very special people!! We still managed a little birthday celebration, despite all the craziness! We went to Red Lobster (Yum!) with family and had an ice cream cake and fun at my parents’ house. It was a fun day!

the (BIG) group for dinner!

Cousins holding cousins!! Asher & Charlie with Molly, Brendan & Sammie

Yummy DQ Ice Cream Cake!

Brendan & Grandpa enjoying the festivities!

Molly & Charlie having fun in the hot tub!

Since Asher & Charlie are visiting from Idaho, we decided to put our zoo pass to good use and take a trip to the zoo on Wednesday. It was Brendan’s first big outing and he did great!

Molly & her Bama!

Sleeping through his first zoo trip!


Asher giving a shoulder ride

Charlie & the elephants!


Infared kids! Can you tell who is who??!

Molly in HEAVEN on the zoo train! Her favorite part!

Brendan's first train ride!!

Everyone loves the train!


One comment on “A birthday sandwich!!

  1. Alyson Rubrecht says:

    Looks like you guys have been busy and having lots of fun. Love the updated pictures of Brenden and also Sammie. Enjoy it!

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