Brendan Birth & first weeks

We are all home and doing well! Brendan is such a good baby. He is a very sleepy little guy. I have posted several photos from the past week and a half on Picasa, so you can view them here:

Here are a few favorite shots:

8 Lbs 5 oz 20.75 inches

Father & Son!

Auntie Lo was there to witness the birth!

Baby Burrito

Mama's boy!

Big sister Molly meeting Brendan

We think he looks alot like his big sis!! Brendan on the left, Molly's birth photo on the iPad.

Uncle Scott meeting his "Birthday Buddy!"

Not to sure about Baby Brother, but loves her hot chocolate!

Going home!!

Welcome home Brendan!

Newborn pic

With cousin Sammie! 4 days apart!

With the Winchell cousins!! 4 cousins & 9 kids! Wow!

Now Baby Brother is getting some love from Big Sis!

Eyes open!! A rare event!!

Molly "helping" with Brendan's first bath!

The morning after a long night! Like Father, Like son!

A little smile!

Grammy & her grandkids!


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