I had been wanting to take Molly down to the Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon for awhile. It was one of my favorite spots to visit when I was a kid. We had a great opportunity to go when we went down to Roseburg for my cousin Brad’s Wedding reception. We met my cousin Georgia and her two (almost three!!) boys, Avery and Eli. We all piled into my mom’s car… without carseats!! They aren’t required as you drive around looking at animals, and all three kids enjoyed every second of their newfound freedom in the car!! They were climbing over seats and in and out of people laps the whole time!! We loved seeing all of the animals, but the highlight included the giraffes, who walked right around our car. Also, the tigers who were having a training session while we passed by!! Here is a video and some photos from our fun day!!

She loved freedom from the carseat!!

Everyone looking out the back to see a giraffe!!

Molly & Eli loved each other!!

Climbing trees with the boys!!

Eli was an adorable lamb!!

Leaving the safari with their tubes full of animals!! What a fun day!!


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