Boy or Girl???

Well Friday was the big day!! We had our 20 week ultrasound! Everything looked great and the baby is healthy! Before my appointment, I asked my Kindergarten students to guess if I am having a boy or girl. They were pretty evenly split!!

I also asked my family & Facebook friends. Again, it was pretty even!! So we went into the appointment ready for anything! At the ultrasound it was VERY obvious that we are having a


Here ia an ultrasound picture of our little guy!!

Here is a little video clip too. We hoped to get one of him moving around, but of course when the camera is on, he is taking a nap!! But you can see his little mouth open & close and hear his heartbeat.

Then we had our family over for dinner and a very special cake!! They were impatient to find out!! Brian and Sabrina also came to share their big baby news with us too!!

Boy or Girl?? Pink or Blue??!

Brian & Sabrina's Cupcakes with the surprise filling!!


I forgot to get a photo of the inside of Baby Kittelson’s cupcakes!! They were …


We can’t wait to meet cousin Samantha Rose!!

Here is a clip of everyone finding out!!

Sabrina and I sporting our colors!!

Proud Big Sister!!

In the meantime, down in Texas, Janet & Jim were getting a surprise cake of their own!! One of Janet’s close friends, Cindy Meers, agreed to make a cake for Janet & Jim to give them the big news!! So here are some photos from their reveal!

Grammy cutting the cake!!

Proud Grammy & Grandpa!!

It was a very fun night!! We have been soaking in the news this weekend that our life will now include all things BOY!! We are very excited and look forward to July when our little guy arrives. Matt & I went out to a movie last night and as we walked by a store, I just couldn’t help but make our first purchase for Baby Boy (or Hugo, Matt has affectionately nicknamed him!) I thought it was appropriate!! Matt just smiled from ear to ear…… 😉


2 comments on “Boy or Girl???

  1. Sally says:

    I love the cake and cupcakes! Such a wonderful way to announce it! So great that Janet and Jim got the surprise too!

  2. Grammy says:

    What is better than a chocolate cake? A chocolate cake that has a surprise inside!! Luv Ya Blue (as they used to say here in Texas)! We were very excited and so grateful for a loving family and very good friends who would do this for us!
    Meanwhile, watching the video of all of you in Oregon at your reveal party was fantastic! Congratulations to all of you! Brian and Sabrina – your pink cupcakes were adorable, just like your little girl will be! Love her name! And we can’t wait to hear Baby Hugo’s real name! Molly was very quiet, but she was busy eating! What a great big sister she will be!

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