A Snowy Thanksgiving!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend visiting Matt & Lauren in Bend!! We are pretty sure Molly would rather live with them!

Molly helped Uncle Matt make Pumpkin Pies:

Trig wanted to help too!!

Auntie Lo made a beautiful Turkey:

Matt carved his first Turkey:

He also caught a little turkey!!

On Friday, we enjoyed the snow!! We discovered that Molly loves sledding!

We also played lots of games like Pinocle, Taboo and Blockus.

And Molly was worn out!!

On Saturday morning, even more snow fell and we built a snowman.

What a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We have so much to be thankful for this year.

Here is a video of highlights from the weekend:


3 comments on “A Snowy Thanksgiving!!

  1. Sally says:

    Such fun! Looks like you all had a great time with Matt and Lauren. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Grammy says:

    Bend looks like a nice place to live!! Loved the pictures and video of your fun Thanksgiving. Now on to Christmas, right Molly?

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