Molly’s First Dance Class!

My neighbor Courtney has been taking her daughter, Ruby, who is also 2, to dance classes on Tuesday mornings. She said that Ruby was loving them! I decided to look into it and see if there were any afternoon classes so I could take Molly. We tried out a beginning Tap/Ballet class on Tuesday Afternoons. Molly LOVED it!! She was so good about following directions. I don’t think she even cared if I was in the room! She would occasionally glance over at me, just to make sure I was watching her, though! Here are some photos and a video of our little dancer!

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One comment on “Molly’s First Dance Class!

  1. Bama Jan says:

    Love watching her first dance class! She looks like she is having the best time! Who knows what the next class will bring!!! 🙂

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