Halloween Weekend

We had a very busy Halloween weekend. It started off with Trick-Or-Treating Papa & Daddy’s office on Friday afternoon! Molly really enjoyed “practicing” for the big day & I think Papa & Daddy enjoyed having her come down.

After that, we all went down to Newberg to meet Baby Ila!! My cousin Amanda and her husband Mike had their first baby on Thursday: Beautiful Ila Bernadine! Molly loved Baby Ila and has been talking about her ever since!

Ila Bernadine Daigle

Molly taking a peek!

The proud parents!! Congrats Mike & Amanda!! Welcome Baby Ila!!

Saturday was another trip down to Corvallis for an Oregon State football game. Molly is quite a little football fan. She LOVES to go to the games. Auntie Lo bought Molly this adorable hat (and a matching one for herself!!) Molly was so cute that she even ended up on the JumboTron during a time out!! Thanks Auntie Lo!! (Oh, and the Beavs beat Cal!! Go Beavs!!)

Whew!! That would have been enough to fill up any weekend, but Sunday was Halloween!! So on Sunday morning we carved pumpkins. Molly LOVES pumpkin guts!! She did not mind getting dirty at all. Matt did a great job on his pumpkins as usual. He carved an Aggie one and a Beaver one. I made a face for Molly (I know, I am a terrible pumpkin carver!!) and Cassie got a paw print.

The artist at work!!

Then came Trick-or-Treating!! Molly had a great time this year. She really understood the concept and also understood the candy!! We started at Bama’s house and hit up a few of Bama’s neighbors before going around our own neighborhood. We ended up at home passing out candy & eating Dinner in a Pumpkin. Molly also loved passing out candy to the kids and seeing the costumes.

With Barb, a longtime friend & neighbor.

Molly & her best buddy, AJ! we love him even though he is a duck fan!

Happy Halloween!!


3 comments on “Halloween Weekend

  1. Sally says:

    What fun! Love the pictures!

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  3. […] Halloween Weekend November 20101 comment […]

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