Molly’s First Haircut!!

Bama & I took Molly to get her very first haircut today!! She did really well! She loved sitting in the blue car and watching Elmo while Cori cut her hair. After the haircut, she really loved the “Mollypop” and the red balloon she got to take home! Cori also put sparkles in her hair, which she thought was fun, but quickly forgot about. Here are some photos:

Ready for the haircut!

Sitting in the Blue Car!

The first snip!

Putting her head down when she is told!

Blow dry!

What a pretty girl!!

Cori, who gave me my first haircut!

All done! With a balloon and a Mollypop!!

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One comment on “Molly’s First Haircut!!

  1. Grammy says:

    The first of many, many trips to the hairdresser! The other day I told my hairdresser that my Granddaughter got a “Molly” pop for good behavior after her haircut. So, I got one too!! Love the pictures!

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