Dallas Texas and the OSU-TCU Game

We had a great time in Dallas, Texas last weekend! After a crazy inservice week at school, we took off early Friday morning for a long weekend of food, football and family. Here are some photos:

Sleeping on the plane.

Dinner at Cattleman's Steakhouse in the Stockyards

Grammy had a little guest throughout dinner!!

Fort Worth Stockyards

Molly got to ride a horse!!

Walking with Grandpa & Daddy

Molly loved watching the horses!

Showing our Beaver Pride!

First visit to Chick-Fil-a!! Molly was a fan!!

Game Face!!

Cowboy Stadium

Auntie Lo & Molly

Shake those Pom Poms!!

Even Grammy's wearing her orange today!!

Surveying the BIG stadium!

Go Beavs!!

Bama & Molly watching the game

Houston & Elm, where JFK was shot

The Texas Schoolbook Depository. The shooter was in the 6th floor window on the far right. It is square.

Dallas Skyline

More on picasa, click here!


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