Elmo’s big Surprise!!

Molly is two!!

Molly had a great birthday last Saturday! We planned an Elmo party because he is her favorite guy right now. Auntie Lo & I worked hard figuring out how to make Elmo cupcakes for the party. Lauren & I started the process (we used a WHOLE bottle of extra strength red food coloring before we felt the frosting was red enough!) and then Aunt Sally & cousin Lauren (from Colorado) came in to help decorate. Sally was a great “fur” froster, and Lauren was an expert mouth maker! They turned out great!!

I enlisted the help of Ralph from Kittelson & Associates (the design guy!) to print off some giant Sesame Street characters to put around as decorations. They also turned out amazing! Molly kept running up to each poster, saying its name and hugging it! We had two inflatable pools in the back yard, one which we filled with rubber duckies. We also had a tent filled with plastic balls. The weather was a little too hot for my taste (96) but with the pools, the shade, and my parents’ air conditioning, I think people stayed cool. We had pizza, fruit, veggies, and lots of snacks for the kids. Chocolate Milk (of course!) and juice too. Lots of Molly’s friends and family came. We are so blessed to have so many people who care about our family. Molly was lucky enough to have three Great Aunts at her birthday. Now that is pretty special!


Little did I know that Auntie Lo, Uncle Matt, Bama, Papa and the Fishers had planned an incredible surprise for the party. They invited Elmo!! Yep, that’s right!! About an hour into the party, Elmo came walking in the back gate! My first reaction was to look at Molly and see if she was scared to death…. She was grinning!!

Hey!! Who invited Elmo??!!

Elmo came to my birthday!!

Elmo was a big hit! The kids started running over to give him hugs. Molly was a bit shy at first but soon she had Elmo by the hand and was showing him all the activities at the party. Here is a video:

What an amazing surprise!! Thank you so much to our amazing family who gave Molly a present that she will remember forever!! She is still telling people about “Elmo, Bama’s House, Cupcakes!!”

Here are some more pictures from her fun day. Click on the last picture for more:

A big hug for Nisie (Denise, her daycare provider. Molly has missed her all summer!)

Auntie Lo, I didn't know you invited Elmo to my party!!

Basketball with her new friend!

Cupcakes and Elmo! Could a day get any better for a two year old??!!

Thanks to all our family & friends for making Molly's day so special. We love you!

Thanks Great Aunt Sally & Cousin Lauren for coming all the way from Colorado!

Thanks Uncle Matt (but especially) Auntie Lo for inviting Elmo to the party!!

Thanks Bama & Papa for letting us use your amazing yard!

What an amazing birthday for an amazing two year old!

I love you Elmo!! (click on this photo for many more on Picasa)


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