Oh I have been a bad poster this summer!! I guess that is because we have been busy!! Here are some photos of our summer!

The Tigard Festival of Balloons:

Matt & Karen in Cabo!!

The 4th of July:

Watching the fireworks at Tigard High. Molly says "Fireworks! Boom!!"

Bubbles with Grammy:


Helping Daddy spread barkdust:


The park:


Picking Blueberries:

The fountains with friends:

The beach with the Straniks:

Meeting cousin Addisyn!

Trevor burying Molly's feet!

Ashley braiding Molly's hair for the first time.

Uncle Scott bought Molly a shark.

The Zoo:

Sam the baby elephant! He turns two next week just like Molly!

The Tigard Tualatin Foundation Fund Run:

Molly ran a whole lap by herself!!

The winners with their ribbons!!

Uncle Scott’s new puppy:

Whew!! It has been a busy, but fun summer! We have a few more weeks left……and a big ELMO birthday party tomorrow for our TWO year old!!


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