Our Big Girl!!

Lots of changes around here! Molly is getting so big! She isn’t much of a baby anymore!! At 21 months she is doing so many new fun things. The other day I was trying to count all the words she knows, so I started making a list. Off the top of my head I came up with over 80!! And I have already realized several that I missed! She is constantly popping out new words that we haven’t heard before. Yesterday we were driving and she said rainbow, clear as day!  She is also putting two and three words together in sentences.

One exciting new thing she has been doing is riding a bike. We got her a Strider bike (www.portlandstriderbikes.com) and she is starting to ride it around. The idea behind a balance bike is that it is a bike with no pedals, so the kids walk it at first, then learn to glide it and at the same time learn balance. So theoretically she won’t ever need training wheels. She’ll just move from this bike straight to a real bike. It seems like a good idea, so we’ll see!! There are some awesome videos of kids riding Strider bikes on their website if you want to check them out. So far Molly just walks it around, but she is so cute doing it!! Here are a couple photos:

Helping Daddy put together her new bike!!

She loves her helmet!!

Such a big girl!!

Second of all, Molly has been trying for awhile to learn her ABC’s and she’s finally got it down! She is so cute singing it (especially the LMNOP part, which she says “MMMM”!!) This past weekend Matt & I went out to dinner and a movie and my parents babysat for us. When we got home they said “Did you know Molly can count to 10?” I knew she could count to 4 or 5, but I had no idea she could count to 10!! Sure enough, she counts to 10 now!! She is pretty consistent, too, only skipping numbers one in a while! She was showing off her skill at dinner tonight and a woman 3 tables over stopped to ask us how old our daughter was! She was shocked she was counting already!! Here is a video….so cute!

In one other huge milestone, she actually went potty in the potty on Sunday night!! Now, she hasn’t repeated that feat since then, but it is a LIGHT at the end of the tunnel! Sounds like a summer project!! 😉

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2 comments on “Our Big Girl!!

  1. Grammy says:

    We love the new pictures and video! In fact we can’t help but look at the video over and over again. It always brings big smiles to our faces!! What a joy you are, Molly!

  2. rseeman says:

    wow! the video of molly singing and counting is great! Wonderful job, Mol! having her say my name made my day!

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