Grammy & Grandpa Visit! And a first Boo Boo…

Last week we had a great time with Grammy & Grandpa in town. Despite some illnesses (Matt had bronchitis and Molly had impetigo) we did many fun things. We went on a quick trip to the beach, Janet, mom & I saw Dreamgirls the Musical, we read lots of stories and went on lots of walks. Grammy & Grandpa even tried their first solo day of babysitting! Jim also got in two rounds of golf, of course!! Here are some photos from our week:

The beach was a little windy!!

Reading with Grammy

The "Oops Book"!! A Favorite!!

My big girl!!


Today, we went out to get our big hanging baskets from a garden store. Molly was having a great time running around and riding in the plant carts……until she took a header right out of one! She hit her head on the gravel and now she had quite the big knot on her head in addition to a few cuts & scrapes. Here is a cell photo I took:

Molly's first Boo Boo

And a little video:

She is tough, though!! She shed a few tears after it happened, but then she was back to running around like normal! I think Mama had a harder time than she did!! As Matt said, it is the first of many injuries! A milestone to be marked for sure!!

Just to show you how fine she is, here is another video of her singing tonight. She loves the ABC’s and Gymbo the Clown. She wanted to sing for the camera, and then run around & “watch” herself on the little camera screen. She even sang along with herself! So funny!!


3 comments on “Grammy & Grandpa Visit! And a first Boo Boo…

  1. Amanda says:

    She is getting so big! What a cutie!

  2. Grandma Jan :) says:

    Way too cute — love the pictures and the singing! Janet, Jim and Scott were just so much fun to watch with Molly! Great time! 🙂

  3. Grammy says:

    Grandpa and I loved the videos and pictures! We miss you, Molly – you were so much fun. We had a great time with everyone!

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