Easter 2010!

We had a very quiet but very nice Easter at our house. The weather this weekend has been terrible…..very wet and windy. It is as if we have gone BACK to winter! I hope not because that Spring weather we had was such a great tease! Anyways, I saw last week that the forecast looked pretty bad for Easter. So on Thursday afternoon when we had a couple hours of sun and it wasn’t too cold, I dressed Molly up in her Easter dress and we went to the Pasteris’s beautiful yard to take some outside photos. Turned out to be a good idea because Molly hunted eggs in her raincoat & boots today!!

Here are some favorites from Thursday:

Here is our little bunny in Ears from Aunt Sally!

We had a very nice Easter today despite the weather. We went to Church and then had an egg hunt in Grandma Jan’s backyard. We had a few “practice” egg hunts in the house yesterday, and Molly knew just what to do! She loved it! Here are some photos and a video. More on Picasa.

Ooh there is one!!

As you can see, Cassie was VERY helpful!! You will see more Beagle Antics in the video!

Click on this photo to see more Easter Pictures on Picasa!

After the egg hunt we had a great Easter Dinner. We definitely missed all of our family who were out of town this year. But we know that no matter how far apart we are, we are all celebrating together!  It was great to see Molly really start to participate in the holiday this year!

Here is one more quick video of Molly, Grandma & Auntie. Auntie gave Molly another Zhu Zhu pet (she already had one) and they were having fun with him on the coffee table! Molly was laughing so hard! She calls them her “Mouse” (even though they are hamsters) and she likes to make them “run.”

We hope your Easter was wonderful too!! As my brother Matt is the first to say every year: “He is Risen!!”


One comment on “Easter 2010!

  1. Grandma Jan says:

    I am still laughing! So funny to watch Molly laugh in person and on video! Terrific way to end a nice Easter! “He is Risen” — the last of the day! Matt! 🙂

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