Overcoming her fear of the Easter Bunny!!

Molly was so interested in the Easter Bunny at the mall. For about the past week, she has been going by him, waving hello, but cowering in fear when she got too close. Last night Grandma Jan, Molly and I were at the mall eating dinner with a friend. All Molly could talk about (while we were in the restaurant and nowhere near the bunny!) was the Bunny!!  So after we finished dinner, we stopped by…

Leaving lots of distance between her and the bunny....

She really wants to get closer!! Grandma Jan said she was holding on so tight!!

Getting Braver!

Maybe a High Five?!!

A Fist Bump!!

A Hug!!! She did it!!

She was so proud of herself!! It was so cute to watch her overcome her fear. Now all night last night and all day today she has been saying “Bunny…….Hug!”

Maybe next year she’ll sit on his lap……. or not! 😉

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