Daddy’s Little Valentine & Happy 18 Months Molly!

Happy Valentines Day!! We had a great weekend, filled with food, friends, family & of course LOVE!! Matt & I went to dinner last night with some friends and had a great time. We stopped by our favorite Valentines spot: Cupcake Jones for some treats to bring home. Molly enjoyed eating her cupcakes today as you can see! (Cassie got one too, of course!!) In addition to  celebrating V-day, it is also Molly’s 18 month birthday today! She is such a little girl now– our baby is almost gone. Times flies!

Grandma & Papa stopped by this morning with some Valentines gifts.

They brought a book that they recorded themselves reading! Molly loves turning the pages to hear Grandma & Papa’s voices!!

Molly got her very first Tea set from Matt & I! She spent part of the day pouring us tea! (The teapot makes pouring sounds when you tip it over.)

Now to those cupcakes….Which one should I choose?!!

MMMM!! Can it be Valentines Day every day?!

No? OK, well I guess I better get ready for St. Patrick’s Day!! 😉


2 comments on “Daddy’s Little Valentine & Happy 18 Months Molly!

  1. Grandma jan :) says:

    What a special day in pictures!!! Molly had so much fun eating pizza and ice cream too! Doesn’t get much better than that! Happy Valentie’s day! Great fun! 🙂

  2. Great Aunt Sally says:

    Too Cute. I want a cupcake. Can I come visit you Molly?

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