Do you Believe?

I heard from a couple of friends about the Polar Express train in Hood River. It sounded like a fun Christmas activity. I know Molly is kind of young for it this year, but I figured all the adults would have fun too. So yesterday Grammy, Grandpa, Grandma, Molly, Matt & I made our way to Hood River to ride the Polar Express!

Molly had a great time on her very first train ride. She also loved the hot chocolate & cookies! She was not too impressed with Santa though! Santa gave Molly a bell, which she loved to shake. We sang Christmas carols & read the book the Polar Express.  All in all it was a fun activity and I know Molly will love it even more in the future.

All Aboard the Polar Express!!

Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot Chocolate!!

Fun with Grandma!

Checking out the bells Santa gave her.

Daddy's little girl!! More on Picasa: click on this photo!


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