SURPRISE Grammy Janet!!!

Janet’s birthday was last Friday, and Matt, Molly and I had been cooking up a great surprise since this past summer. I was able to get Friday and Monday off (I finished all my parent teacher conferences on Thursday), so we told Jim we were going to fly to Houston for the weekend! We just didn’t tell Janet!! Jim was able to (secretly) get us a Pack N Play and highchair to use while we were there (thanks Cindy!), find us a ride from the airport (thanks John!). So at about 7PM on Janet’s birthday, we knocked on the door…..

Do you think she was surprised??!!

We had a great weekend with Grammy & Grandpa in Texas. Molly was such a good girl on the plane. We all got upgraded to first class on the way there! She didn’t sleep at all, but she made lots of friends and was very happy the whole way. Saturday, we went to a Texas pumpkin patch, celebrated Grammy’s birthday, and went out to dinner at the Aquarium in downtown Houston. You eat right next to the giant tanks of fish & sharks!! Molly loved it! We also celebrated an AGGIE win over Texas Tech!!  Crazy!! On Sunday we visited some college friends of Matt’s, Bill & Courtney and their 4 month old son Will. We had a great time with them and found out Molly loves great Tex-Mex! When we got back from lunch, The Burgraffs and the Meers came over to visit (lets face it, they came to see Molly!) It was great to see them too. On Monday, Molly got to see a little Texas rain. Like 2 inches in a hour!! Thunder and lightning too! Grammy took Molly on a little shopping trip and then we found Matt’s favorite food in Texas– Freebirds!! Known for their giant burritos! We ordered Molly a cheese quesadilla, but Molly was much more interested in her dad’s burrito….much to his delight!! She is a little Texas girl!!

All in all, it was a great trip! We were so glad we were able to surprise Janet. Thanks everyone who helped us out with the big surprise!! Here are some photos and videos of our trip. More on Picasa! (Click the last photo)


On the plane!!


Molly & Grammy


Molly & Grandpa


At a Texas Pumpkin Patch!


First bite of Freebirds!


3 Generations!


3 comments on “SURPRISE Grammy Janet!!!

  1. Grandma jan :) says:

    Okay, this is the best ever!!! Janet, you look so surprised and Molly looks really happy to surprise you! wow! Love the Video! Love watching you chase Molly up and down the stairs — Love it all!:)

  2. Sally says:

    Such fun. What a wonderful surprise. I love the video, and the photos. Love it all as well!!!

  3. Cindy Meers says:

    Love all the pictures! What a great birthday present for Janet!

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