8 Months old!

Molly is 8 months old!! Her favorite position to be in is sitting up, and she is a very steady sitter now. She is becoming more interested in getting where she wants! I tell people it is like holding a puppy…..if she sees something she wants to touch she LEANS that way! And let me tell you, she wants to touch EVERYTHING!! So she is very squirmy right now! She will stay up on all fours if I put her there and she will rock back and forth a little, but that is as close to crawling as she gets. Maybe someday she’ll just take off, kind of like she did when she started sitting up! Here are some recent pictures, more on Picasa web! Grandpa Jim gets photo credits for the Gymboree photos!!


Before a walk to the park!


Walking with Daddy!


Playing with the mirror at Gymboree


Sliding and Gymboree


Yummy Mum Mum!! Mum Mum’s and Puffs are Molly’s favorite snacks!

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One comment on “8 Months old!

  1. Aunt Sally says:

    Oh my gosh. She just keeps changing. I love to see her face!!! So cute.

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