Trip to Minnesota!!

We had a great time visiting family in Mankato last weekend! Molly’s first plane rides went pretty well. Armed with toys and Baby Mum Mums, we were ready to keep her entertained! She was pretty content the whole time, with the exception of the takeoff in Minnesota. Not sure why, but her ears bothered her and she cried during most of it. ;-( Poor Thing! And then the landing in PDX was VERY windy (bumpy & scary!) so Mama didn’t like it too much! But thankfully Molly thought it was quite fun and was even laughing a little at the bumps!! 😉

Seeing Becki, Gary, Chris, Nikki, Ashley, Tyler, Brittany and all their dogs was so much fun! Getting to go to Ashley’s baby shower was great too! Molly and I were so glad we could be there to celebrate the upcoming arrival of cousin Addisyn (Only 3 weeks to go!!) Molly getting to meet Great-Grandma Geneva (GG) was so special. There were lots of hugs and kisses and GG even got to give Molly her bedtime bottle! Here are some pictures fro our trip. More on Picasa web, Just click on the last picture!


Ready for our Flight!!


Molly & GG!!


Molly, Daddy & GG!


With GG and Great Aunt Becki (GAB!)


A Bottle for Molly


Mum Mums..... the key to a quiet baby!!


The Hugharts, ALL squished into the back row of the plane!


Sleeping during the flight


Happy Molly & Daddy, almost home!


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