Our Upside-Down Beaver!

Last week I started feeling some teeth in Miss Molly’s mouth! Yes, that is right, I said teeth! It seems as though she is getting her TWO bottom front teeth at the same time!! She’s gonna be an upside-down Beaver!! The good news is she doesn’t seem to mind it or they are not causing her too much pain. (I am knocking on wood as I write this!) This morning I managed to get a picture of her teeth!! 


Open up…..


Two Teeth!!!

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3 comments on “Our Upside-Down Beaver!

  1. I can not beleive that Karen got a picture of Molly’s teeth! Way too Cool! Miolly is such a good baby and what a smart kid to get two teeth at once! Less time in pain! Look at all that Karen has posted — way too much fun! I think I need to go spoil my grand daughter! 🙂

  2. Grammy Janet says:

    Love all the pictures and posts! I think that Dr. GUG (Great Uncle Gary) will love those teeth! Better get a toothbrush! Molly deserves to have either one of those cars – she is cute in both! And finally, who took that fabulous picture of you, Matt, and Molly at the wedding??

  3. Rachael says:

    She is a cute little beaver! 🙂 Hope you guys are doing well and getting a little more sleep these days!! We finally have Tani housebroken, and things are a little easier (she is 5 months now)! Karen, drop me a line and let me know what your schedule is like! I have an appt. in Portland on Feb. 24 (3 pm), so maybe Mom and I could drop by and see you! Lots of hugs, Rachael 🙂

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