True or False: Molly drives a car, and sun in February??!

We had a busy weekend! On Friday night we went to the Portland Auto Show at the Convention Center. It has become an annual tradition with us to go check out all the new cars, and this was Molly’s first trip! She showed us which cars she wants when she turns 16…..



And she seems to be ready to take the wheel!


Then Saturday was a GORGEOUS day in Tigard!! Nearly 60 and blue skies!! Unheard of in February!! So Matt, Molly, Cassie and I went for a walk down in Cook Park. We walked across the new bridge over the Tualatin River. It was so pretty! I brought my camera along to practice some outdoor shots! 




The weather made us excited for Springtime!! Now it is back to 40’s, clouds and rain…even a chance of snow! Guess the groundhog was right, we have more winter in store! But the glimpse of Spring was a nice treat!

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