Christmas Videos!

Here are some videos of Molly over Christmas. In the first, Grandpa Jim is making her laugh on Christmas Eve! She has been laughing a lot more lately… never know what she is going to think is funny!! She REALLY thought all of us running & jumping on the new Wii was funny! 


In the second, Daddy captured Molly rolling over for the first time!! She needs a little support on her foot (she pushes off our hand) but she basically is doing it on her own now!! Such a big girl!!

Next, we have Molly riding the pony that Auntie, Uncle Ralph, Uncle Tom & Aunt Cathy  got for her!


And last is a video of Molly waking up in the morning. It was a big hit with all of the grandparents to get to go get Molly up from her crib because she is so smiley! Grandpa Wayne took this video one morning as we ALL went in to get her!! So sweet!


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