Thanksgiving & first Santa visit!

We had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends!! We hosted it at our house, and I tried brining a turkey for the first time!! I think it turned out well. The food was great, but the football could have been better! The Aggies and the Beavers both had heartbreaking losses to their biggest rivals. 😦 What a terrible way to end the season. 

Molly was so good all weekend and really enjoyed the visits by her aunts & uncles! She even took a nap right through Thanksgiving dinner!! How convenient!! On Sunday, Matt and I, Matt, Lauren, Mom, Brian, Sabrina and the Fishers all went to a movie while Grandpa Wayne stayed home with Molly. A first babysitting experience for Grandpa!! 

Yesterday was the Kittelson & Associates Kids Holiday party. Sadly, Matt was out of town on business and so was Grandpa Wayne. And Grandma Jan was hosting bunco at her house. So Molly & I went downtown by ourselves to the party! Molly sat on Santa’s lap for the first time and Santa gave her a stuffed animal and a book. I don’t think Molly minded Santa too much!! She just thought his beard was a little itchy!!

Here are some photos from Thanksgiving and Molly’s first visit with Santa:


My brined turkey!!


The whole gang!!


Our Little Turkey!


Family picture!


Molly meets Santa at the KAI Kids party!


One comment on “Thanksgiving & first Santa visit!

  1. Sally says:

    Molly is quite the little Turkey!!! How cute!! Love to see the pictures, makes me feel like I am there watching her change. Can’t wait to see her at Christmas.

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