3 Months!!

Sorry to be so slow posting! Molly turned 3 months last Thursday. She is doing so many new fun things!! As you can see from the video below, she is starting to get more head control! She is also smiling more and making lots of funny noises and squeals! She makes one noise that is kind of like a cough that I think will soon turn into a laugh! She is still not a big tummy time fan, but she seems to tolerate it a little better. She is also not a fan of her Jumparoo yet, but I’m sure she’ll get there! We are still dealing with her reflux, which is frustrating for all of us. As Matt puts it…”I HATE SPIT-UP!!” We also hate that our little girl feels bad after eating…..no fun! We can’t wait until she grows out of this!! Anyways, more pictures are on the photo page!! Enjoy!

Some favorites…..




The LIP!!!


Happy Baby!


Auntie Lo came to visit!


Playing with Sophie the Giraffe! A gift from cousin Emily in Switzerland!


Silly Daddy! We both don’t fit on this mat!

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One comment on “3 Months!!

  1. Molly is getting to be more fun every day! What a treat for all of us! Wish you all could be here to watch her grow! 🙂

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