First Zoo Trip!!

The week after Molly was born, a baby elephant was born at the Oregon Zoo. I have been wanting to take Molly to go see him, but the lines are usually really long. Today I decided to just do it!! Auntie and Grandma Jan joined me for Molly’s first Zoo trip!  It was a week day and we got there right at 10AM so it wasn’t too busy. The little elephant’s name is Samudra and they call him Sam for short! He is too cute!! He weighs over 300 pounds so he outweighs Molly (and all of us too!!) It will be fun for her to grow up having an elephant at the zoo the same age!! We will watch them grow together!! Here are some pictures:

Molly ready to meet Sam!!

Sam with his mom & auntie!!

Isn’t he adorable?!!

Mom & Molly meet Sam!

Auntie & Grandma too!!


3 comments on “First Zoo Trip!!

  1. Great day at the zoo! Molly dressed in her little elephant outfit and carrying her little purple and green elephant from Barb! My Mom loved elephants so it was fun to get pictures of Molly and Sam! The little pigs were pretty cute too! Great pictures! 🙂

  2. Matt Kittelson says:

    Molly may be smaller, but I bet she could take Sam.

  3. Janet Hughart says:

    What a fun day you had! Molly and Sam are two cute babies! Thanks for the pictures of all of you!

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