One Month Old!

On Sunday, Sept. 14th and Matt’s 33rd birthday, Molly turned one month old! Our lives have changed a lot in the past month, and sleep is definitely a thing of the past, but now we can’t imagine life without our little Miss Molly! She is growing and changing everyday. She is awake more often and looks at us with those big blue eyes. She seems to respond to our voices more too!

Matt was gone last night on a trip for work, so Molly, Cassie and I were on our own for the first time. We did OK, but we definitely missed Daddy!! He was glad to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in the hotel room though!! No fair!! 

Molly has been spitting up quite a bit after eating, so I took her into the pediatrician today. The Dr thinks she has a little reflux, so we have some medicine to try this week. Hopefully it will make her more comfortable! And us too! It is hard going through several outfits a day!! 

Here are some pictures of our one month old!! More are on the photo page!

First smile caught on camera!!

Big yawn!!

Look at those big blue eyes!!

Daddy and his “Molly Mol!”

GO BEAVS!! Cheering them on to beat Hawaii!

Molly one month and Daddy 33 years!


2 comments on “One Month Old!

  1. Jill and Molly Shields says:

    Happy Baby!!!!

    Wow, My Molly Marie and I just heard the wonderful news of the birth of Molly. She is really beautiful! Molly Marie is amazed at how small she is!! She is very excited about Molly’s name. Congratulations to all 3 of you, and enjoy this very special time…it goes too, too quickly!!!

    Jill and Molly Marie

  2. Jill and Molly Shields says:

    Happy Baby!

    Molly Marie and I were so excited to hear about the birth of your beautiful little girl. She is just adorable, and Molly Marie not only loves her name, but that she is so tiny! We loved all the pictures, are thinking about you all. Remember to enjoy this special time as it goes by too, too quickly! Congrats to all!
    Jill and Molly Marie Shields

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