1 week old!!

Miss Molly is one week old! We have had a great week at home adjusting to our new routines. We are all tired, but it is getting more manageable. We have had so many visitors and so many helpers! We really appreciate all the gifts, food and support from our family and friends. Molly is a very lucky little girl!!

We had her first check up at the pediatrician today, and Molly is a healthy growing girl! She is up to 7 pounds, so she has gained 2 oz!! As I type, she is lounging on the couch in the boppy while Matt and I watch the olympics. We just got back from our first family outing….a trip to Bridgeport Village for some ice cream! Life is good!!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us with more visitors I’m sure! Matt is preparing to go back to work on Monday and everyone is gearing up for the big wedding on September 6th. We are also looking forward to Grandma Janet & Grandpa Jim’s visit next Friday! 

I will leave you with a picture of Molly after a feeding session. Matt calls this her “Milk Coma”! She does look content, doesn’t she?! We continue to put pictures on the Picasa website. Keep checking!!


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