While we wait…

Since so many of you are checking the blog for updates, and there is no news yet, I thought you might enjoy seeing a video from the beginning of this waiting game! Matt and I told our families that we were expecting on Christmas Eve when my parents, Matt’s parents, my brothers and their fiances and Matt’s brother Scott were all here with us. We caught it on video and it is pretty entertaining! We individually wrapped up chocolate letters that spelled out BABY 08 08 and gave one to each family member. As you will see, some people “get it” much quicker than others! Then chaos follows with hugging, crying, laughing and talking! Of course my mom wants to tell everyone she knows right away! Maybe being reminded of just how long we have been waiting for this little one will help the next few days (hopefully not weeks!) pass by quicker!! She will be one loved kid! Just look at this big happy crazy family she is already a part of! Enjoy!


2 comments on “While we wait…

  1. Janet Hughart says:

    Boy do I remember that night! Thank you for posting the video. I cried all over again! What a memory!

  2. Matt Kittelson says:

    Best part of the whole event….. Scott – “Why did I get an “A”?”

    I still think Cassie would have something to say about this whole event if she could talk.

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