Just about 40 Weeks!

Still here, still waiting!! Doctors appointment tomorrow. I will update with any progress then! 😉 We are very excited to meet our little one!


2 comments on “Just about 40 Weeks!

  1. Erik, Kathy, Hannah says:

    Isn’t it just fun to be waiting…Like they always say, “A watched pot never boils.” The problem is you can never get away from watching the pot! Good luck you guys and remember, when you go into the hospital, throw out what ever ‘birth plan’ you had because more than likely things will change. It did with us! The focus should be delivering a healthy, happy girl!

  2. Di Troutbeck says:

    Hi Karen and Matt. It will happen. If you could just deliver on the 14th that would be fun so mum and I would have grandaughters with the same birthday. On the other hand it is fully understood if you go early so to speak. Still looking for the perfect Australian frog outfit!

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