38 Weeks!

August is here!! It is crazy to think that we have been talking about this month and the big event since Christmas time and it is finally here! My Doctor’s appointment on Thursday was great. A little more progress, baby growing on schedule and ready to come at anytime. Matt is going to go to my next appointment with me next Friday the 8th (if we get that far!) to talk about possibilities if I start getting close to my due date with no activity. Will keep you posted! Just a waiting game now! Good thing I am keeping busy!

Last week Matt’s Aunt Becki, Uncle Gary and cousin Chris were staying with us for a few days. They were in Washington helping Gary’s mom move so they stopped by Tigard before their long drive back to Minnesota. It was great to see them!! They loved Cassie and of course, Cass soaked up all that attention! Matt, Chris & Gary went golfing at the Reserve on Thursday, while Becki, Mom and I shopped a bit. On Friday, after they left, I got all the carpets in the house cleaned so they are ready for a little one to lay on them. Yesterday Matt and I put together the Glider for the nursery and got the house put back together after the carpets were dry. As we speak, Matt is at work for most of today trying to catch up/ keep ahead just in case he gets called away from work this week. So as you can see, life is moving along, but we are ready to meet our little one whenever she decides to join us!

Next Thursday is kind of a big day for me. My 30th birthday!! I suppose it is kind of anticlimactic this year because of another event overshadowing it, but I suppose that is best anyways! It would be very cool to share a birthday with the baby, so we will see what happens. 30 years old and lots of life changes….I guess that seems appropriate!! 

Looking forward to a fun week, a fun birthday and the start of the Olympics! I love summer!! 😉


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