37 weeks

My 37 week appointment was pretty uneventful. Everything looks good and progress is still the same! My doctor is on vacation this week, so I saw a different one. I guess it is good to meet the other doctors who might be on call when I deliver. Just hanging in there for these last few weeks! People are starting to take bets on when the baby will come. I guess Uncle Scott is starting a pool if anyone is interested in joining! He wants to charge a $5 fee though, with the winner taking the pot! 

Rachie’s wedding this past weekend was beautiful! Just how she wanted it, I think! It was so much fun to be a part of their big day. I was SOOOO tired on Sunday & Monday though! I posted some pictures from the wedding on our photo site if you are interested. Here is one of Rachie & Tara showing off my belly!! 

Matt and I took a Newborn Care class on Sunday, which was a good refresher on how to care for an infant. Matt learned a lot about swaddling, and now claims to be the best swaddler out of the two of us! I admit he is good at it!! 😉 We also learned about g-diapers, a cross between disposable and cloth. Might be something to look into in the future! Anyways, it was good information, and I think we both feel more prepared. The nursery is pretty much finished, the clothes and blankets are washed, the car seat bases are installed and the bags are being packed! Just a waiting game for the next few weeks!!


One comment on “37 weeks

  1. Janet Hughart says:

    As I recall, Jim was a pretty good “swaddler” with the boys. Must run in the family!! Thanks for the update, and the pictures of Rachael’s wedding! She was a beautiful bride, and you really looked great! We’ll need to join that pool on when the baby comes! Love, Janet

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