36 Weeks!!

 I am officially 9 months pregnant!! Only 4 or so weeks left to go! I had my first weekly appointment today and things still look great. My doctor said that based on my progress, she doesn’t think that the baby will be late! She also said that we wouldn’t try to stop labor if it started at this point. She thinks the baby is big enough and I am far enough along to deliver a healthy baby. It is good to know that things are progressing, but it is crazy to think that the baby could come at anytime! The room is getting close to being finished, but there are definitely more things I want to get done before the baby comes. I was planning on getting the carpets in the house cleaned and other organizational things like that! I still need to pack the hospital bags and get the car seat installed in the car! I guess after the news today those sounds like a project for this weekend! Here is a belly picture from today for those of you who are interested. Sorry I have been so bad about taking them!!

Last weekend Matt and I attended our Childbirth Prep classes. I think we learned a lot! It was good to get an overview of our options and the decisions we have to make when the time comes. I don’t think anyone can be completely prepared, but at least we kind of know what to expect. This weekend is my best friend Rachael’s wedding (I’m the Matron of Honor!) and on Sunday we have a class on Newborn care. So it will be a busy weekend! We are really looking forward to the wedding and seeing lots of old friends. The baby needs to stay put at least until Monday and then it can come whenever it wants!! 😉  Have a great weekend!!


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