28 weeks

Wow! Can you believe it is the start of the third trimester?! I had my last monthly doctors visit on Monday. Now I move to appointments every two weeks! Time is flying by! I passed the 1 hour glucose test at my appointment on Monday (so no gestational diabetes! Whoo Hoo!), but they did find that I am anemic, so I have started taking iron supplements to counteract that. Other than that, everything else looks good. I heard the baby’s heartbeat again. The doctor said something about having a loud baby because every time she listens to the heartbeat, it is right there and very loud! I took another belly picture tonight and posted it to the web album (Pregnancy Pics) if you want to see it. It is a little bigger than the last one! 

We had a nice trip out to Denver last week. It was great to see Matt’s parents, his Uncle Jeff, and Aunt Sally, Scott, Lauren & John. It was a very sad occasion, but getting to spend time with family is always a good thing. We got to drive around and visit the different houses that Matt and his grandparents used to live in in Denver. I posted a few pictures on the Picasa website if you want to see them. I feel like I learned a lot about Matt’s grandpa and what he meant to a lot of people. It was fun to have a glimpse into Matt’s childhood!

Thank goodness for 3-day weekends! I am looking forward to enjoying the calm before the storm. Next week the countdown to the end of school begins. It will be a crazy, but fun couple of weeks! 


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