First Shower!

Last weekend, the baby and I received a shower from the “Beach Mamas” and other neighbors on Pinebrook St! It was amazing! There was a book theme and everyone brought the baby some great children’s books. The shower was hosted by the Pasteris girls, Rosemary, Julie and Karri. The food,games and company were all terrific. I will post more pictures to our album soon (I need to get some from mom’s camera.) For now, here is one picture of me trying to figure out what flavor the baby food is!! 

We got so many amazing and thoughtful gifts. This is going to be one spoiled  little girl!!

In sad news, Matt’s Grandpa Bob Hughart passed away on Sunday. We are headed to Denver tomorrow to attend the funeral. He was 84 years old and a great man. I’m so glad he was able to come out for our wedding in 2005 so I got the chance to meet him.  

I will post more when we get back!


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