Janet & Jim’s visit!

This past week, Matt’s parents were visiting from Houston. We had a great time! It was almost 80 degrees last weekend, so we went to Silver Creek Falls for a short hike. It was a beautiful day! I posted several pictures on our photo album if you want to see them. We also got a lot of stuff done in the baby’s room. The grandparents put the crib together and helped us purchase a mattress and some sheets. I decided on a bedding and color scheme that I like. Here are some pictures of the crib put together and the bedding:

Proud Grandpa with the finished crib!

Proud Grandpa with the finished crib!

The final bedding choice!

The crib made with the new bedding.


Also, Amanda was nice enough to give us another ultrasound so Janet & Jim could see the baby! The baby was a little uncooperative. She was face down most of the time, making picture taking difficult!! We did get to see her sucking her thumb, but we didn’t get a picture. Here are a couple god shots from the ultrasound:

A little hand up by the face!! Can you see the lips and eyes??!

All in all it was a busy but fun week! We are looking forward to Janet & Jim’s next visit….. in August when we have a little one!! The months are flying by!! 


One comment on “Janet & Jim’s visit!

  1. sandi e says:

    Hmmm… I am guessing August 22

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