17 Week appointment

Happy Friday! I am home doing report cards today and I just wanted to update you all on our latest appointment. First of all, can I say that my kindergarten kids have been so cute this week! I explained to them when I went back to work on Tuesday that I had to be careful about germs because if I get a certain type of sickness it could hurt the baby. I asked for their help keeping our classroom clean and washing their hands. We talked about how to cough into their sleeves so that the germs stay away from their hands. So all week, I have had 22 little helpers! If they accidentally forget and cough into their hand, they immediately ask if they can go wash their hand!! They are so sweet! I also sent a letter home explaining the situation to the parents and I have had several phone calls of concern and support. It makes me feel good that so many people are looking out for the baby and helping me protect it.

My appointment yesterday went very well! I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat using the Doppler machine. It was 150 bpm and the doctor said it sounded strong! I talked to the doctor about lots questions I had. She told me that I should be able to feel the baby anytime. I may be feeling it already and I just don’t know what it is! I told her I feel flutters at times, but I am not sure if it is the baby or not. She said that the movements will become stronger and more apparent. I asked her if it was concerning that I haven’t gained much weight yet and she said not to worry. The baby still weighs almost nothing, so as long as it is growing and looks good and I am eating, she was not concerned. As for the Fifth Disease scare, she said that at my next appointment (March 24th) we will take blood and test again for exposure. If it is still negative, and there have been no more cases of it in my classroom she will assume the scare is over. I jokingly said that after I have this baby I am going to go find a child with Fifth Disease and expose myself so this is not a concern for any future pregnancies! She said that actually is a good idea and she was shocked that as a Kindergarten teacher I haven’t had this disease before. So next Fall if anyone you know comes down with Fifth Disease, let me know!! I’m coming over to share an ice cream cone with them!!! 😉

  In other news, Matt and I are attacking the furniture shopping project this weekend. We want to get a crib & dresser ordered so that we can have help setting it all up when Janet and Jim come to visit in April!  Matt heard about the book called “Baby Bargains” from a coworker of his. It is a book that explains the different types and brands of baby products and tells you what features are important and what brands are best.  so I instructed him to read the LONG chapter on cribs and dressers so we are ready to go look at stores this weekend. I, of course, just skimmed the chapter and the important parts!! 

I hope you all have a great weekend!! Don’t forget to change your clocks on Sunday!! 😉



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