Half Good News!

I got the results of the blood test back today and the news was half good. There is no sign of Fifth’s disease in my system at all, so hopefully that means I wasn’t infected. The bad news is that I am NOT immune to it. They found no antibodies to protect me from future exposure. So with that in mind I am heading back to work tomorrow and just planning to take extra precautions in terms of sanitation. Antibacterial spray on the tables & handles etc. The school staff know to alert me if any children are known to come down with the disease so I can stay away again. A lot of people are looking out for me!! The Dr. said that in 3 weeks or so we will do another blood test just to monitor for the infection. I haven’t gotten the disease in 29 years and 8 years of teaching Kindergarten, so hopefully this won’t be the year I do!! Thanks for the good thoughts!! I will update you after my regular appointment on Thursday! 😉 


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