Hello world!

Hello!! Welcome to our new blog!! We will try to keep you updated on the adventures of the Hughart Family! Our big news is that we are expecting a little one sometime around August 15th 2008. We will be posting ultrasound pictures and updating you on the pregnancy as we go. We are so excited!!  Here are a few pictures so far….

December 28th, 2007 was our first appointment. Here is our very first picture of the little bean!! 7 weeks and 1 day old!


 In January, my cousin Amanda gave us a surprise ultrasound at her Newberg Hospital.  Jan & Wayne even got to see the baby!! 11 weeks 4 days old!



Then, last Thursday February 7th, we had our regular Dr visit where they did some testing for genetic disorders. Everything looks great! This time we could count the fingers and toes!! The baby looks like a little character all ready!! 13 weeks 2 days!!



 Look at those little fingers!! Hello World!! More to come!! 😉


3 comments on “Hello world!

  1. Janet Hughart says:

    This is great! It’s almost like being there, and very appreciated! Thank You! We look forward to the updates.

  2. Grandma Jan :) says:

    Wow! What fun! 🙂 I love the pictures and watching the baby grow and develop! Truly a miracle! Thanks for the extra special insight. Go Grandmas! 🙂

  3. soon to be Auntie :) says:

    The big day really can’t come soon enough…..:) Love you both & Cassie (& baby)!

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